Who is Mike Dryden in line of duty?

Michael Edward “Mike” Dryden is the former Deputy Chief Constable of Central Police. He is currently serving a suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice.

What happened to Mike Dryden line of duty?

Mike Dryden, the former Deputy Chief Constable, was last seen resigning from his post for perverting the course of justice in series two. Fans will remember he was outed as having embarked on an affair with DS Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes) before pressuring her into having an abortion.

What happened to Keeley Hawes in Line of Duty?

Keeley Hawes’ character was shot dead in her car by Dot, but before the life drained from her she had successfully sent AC-12 Danny’s hit list. It detailed the men who had abused him at Sands View and was a golden nugget in the unit’s investigation into corruption within the force and how it linked to OCG activity.

What did Ted Hastings do to his wife?

It is revealed that once he gained access to the flat, Roisin was tortured by John Corbett (who spoke using a Northern Irish accent), who used a power drill to injure her arms, knees and ankles.

What happened Carly Kirk?

She manages to escape and run away but is pursued by Prasad. In the epilogue, we learn that the body was indeed not that of Kirk, and she is seen alive next to a ferry. Her whereabouts remain unknown, as does the identity of the body.

Did Arnott sleep with Denton?

Series two saw the pair get close, but Arnott has always maintained he was “nurturing the trust of the target” (ahem) and did not sleep with Denton.

Is Di Lindsay Denton True story?

Lindsay Denton is not believed to be based by an exact person. However, her storylines are likely inspired by several incidents within real life anti-corruption police units.

Is Keeley Hawes in the new Line of Duty?

Interview with Keeley Hawes, who plays DI Lindsay Denton in BBC Two drama Line Of Duty. Lindsay Denton is a new character for this series of Line of Duty; can you tell us a bit about her?

Does Steve Arnott get promoted?

What we do know is that at the beginning of the series, Steve Arnott is still a DS, so still no promotion! After everything he’s done to catch bent coppers!

Why did Denton turn left?

Turning left, Denton’s choice of direction was questioned by her fellow officers, to which she replied “I know the way to my own station thank you very much”. Was she telling the truth when she said she believed there were road works on the other route, or had she been told to direct the convoy down the side streets?

Is Ted Hastings bent?

There’s one thing that all Line of Duty fans can agree on about the finale: thank (Mother of) God Ted is not bent.

What is Ted Hastings rank?

Superintendent Main cast

Character Played by Rank
Ted Hastings Adrian Dunbar Superintendent
The senior investigating officer of AC-12. He recruited Arnott, Fleming and Cottan. Once a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, he is a Roman Catholic.
Anthony “Tony” Gates Lennie James DCI

Was Adrian Dunbar in the bill?

Andrea Dunbar is a character in The Bill, who appeared from 2004 to 2005. She was played by Natalie Robb.

Who was Carly Kirk in line of duty?

Following the ambush which killed four police officers, DI Lindsay Denton (played by Keeley Hawes) is assigned to the Missing Persons Unit. This is when she takes a particular interest in the case of Carly Kirk (Charlotte Spencer) who had disappeared.

Who Was in Line of Duty series 2?

The second series of Line of Duty, consisting of six episodes, premiered on 12 February 2014 on BBC Two. Line of Duty (series 2)

Line of Duty
Series 2
DVD cover
Starring Keeley Hawes Martin Compston Vicky McClure Adrian Dunbar Craig Parkinson
Country of origin United Kingdom

Is Jo Davidson Carly Kirk?

Last seen in series two, the character was linked to OCG member and paedophile Tommy Hunter – recently revealed to be the father of DCI Jo Davidson. She was being groomed and used by Hunter and others, and in series two Hunter involved her in his plan to blackmail then DCC Mike Dryden.

Is Steve Arnott married?

Martin Compston – Steve Arnott I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Steve Arnott is not single. He’s played by 36-year-old Martin Compston, who has been happily married since 2016. His wife is Tianna Chanel Flynn, and she actually made a (kinda) cameo in Line of Duty once.

Who did Steve Arnott sleep with?

First look at Line of Duty episode 2 sees Steve Arnott return to iconic location for secret meeting. Getting over the loss fairly quickly, Arnott then sparks up a romance with the major crime unit’s DS Nicola Rogerson.

Is Di Denton innocent?

SERIES THREE (2016) Finding the list and seeing Tommy Hunter’s name on it, Cottan destroys it while making it look as if Steve is the mysterious “Caddy”. But he is finally exposed by DI Denton who, having been acquitted of conspiracy to murder, dies at his hand emailing the list to AC-12.

Who is Keeley Hawes agent?

Michael Duff. Michael has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He co-founded Troika, the talent agency, and has worked alongside Keeley for much of her career as her agent and, more recently, as co-founder of Buddy Club Productions.

Who is Keeley Hawes husband?

m. 2004 m. 2001–2004 Keeley Hawes/Husband

What happened to The Caddy in Line of Duty?

In a feature-length finale, Dot was finally unmasked as ‘The Caddy’ in a riveting interview scene. Dot’s escape was a bloody affair, and ended with him riddled with bullets, recording his dying declaration (below) for Kate Fleming before passing away – evidence that would help bring the abusers to justice.

What age is Keeley Hawes?

46 years (February 10, 1976) Keeley Hawes / Age

Is Kelly Macdonald new to Line of Duty?

Kelly plays new character DCI Jo Davidson in the new season of the huge BBC One hit, with returning cast members Vicky McClure (DC Kate Fleming), Martin Compston (DS Steve Arnott) and Adrian Dunbar (Superintendent Ted Hastings) – which begins later this month.

How did DC Arnott hurt his back?

The AC-12 detective’s injury has its roots in a key scene from series four. Poor Steve Arnott. Well, it all harks back to events in series four of the show, and specifically the attack he suffered at the hands of a ‘Balaclava man’ – a disguised member of the OCG.

Is Steve Arnott Di?

Line of Duty fans have been left flabbergasted after discovering that actor Martin Compston is Scottish. Compston has played DI Steve Arnott on the blockbuster police drama since 2012, all the while disguising his natural accent.

What rank is Kate Fleming?

Katherine Laura “Kate” Fleming is one of the two deuteragonists of Line of Duty franchise. She is a Detective Inspector in Central Police assigned to AC-12.

Is Kate Fleming bent?

DI Kate Fleming, played by Vicky McClure As a police officer, Kate is as straight as an arrow. Not a bent bone in her body. Unlike her teammates, she doesn’t let dodgy investments or horniness get in the way of her job, she just gets it done.

What was Hastings doing with the laptop?

What was on Hastings’ computer? Hastings explained he had his laptop destroyed as he had been looking at pornography (“nothing extreme”, apparently) while alone in his hotel room, and was ashamed. But with the hard drive wiped, we only have his word for this.

Who is the baddie in Line of Duty?

DCI Ian Buckells It was the mystery that gripped a nation and left millions fuming at the anticlimactic revelation that the criminal mastermind at the heart of the BBC drama Line of Duty was the bumbling and unassuming DCI Ian Buckells.