Who has scored the most points in the NBA?

Abdul-Jabbar finished his Hall of Fame career with 44,149 combined points (38,387 in the regular season, 5,762 in the playoffs). James got it going early, tying Abdul-Jabbar on a 3 with 1:24 remaining in the second quarter.1 day ago

How many points is LeBron behind Kareem?

The Los Angeles Lakers star remains a little under 2,000 points behind Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NBA’s all-time scoring title, but if you factor in points scored in the playoffs — which do not factor into the official list — James just passed Abdul-Jabbar’s 44,149 combined points.1 day ago

Who is the longest person to play in the NBA?

And there has never been an older player than Nat Hickey, who still holds the record for oldest NBA player ever, set back in 1948. Hickey was 45 years and 363 days old.

How far is LeBron from Kareem?

LeBron James sits just over 2,000 points shy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record. (AP) — When LeBron James gets his sixth point on Tuesday during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game at Brooklyn, it’ll put him up to 36,387 in his career. That’ll be exactly 2,000 points shy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

How old is KD?

33 years (September 29, 1988) Kevin Durant / Age

Who is statistically the best NBA player?


Rank Player PER
1. Michael Jordan* 27.91
2. LeBron James 27.37
3. Anthony Davis 26.91
4. Nikola Jokić 26.78

Who has scored 3000 points in a season?

1962 was simply a season for the ages. Chamberlain scored 4,029 points in 80 games, over 1500 more points than his nearest rival that year. Only one other player has ever scored more than 3,000 points in a season (Michael Jordan, 1987).

What is the highest plus/minus in NBA history?

Tim Duncan has the highest career plus-minus, at +8910.

Who dropped the most points in a NBA game?

“The Big Dipper” dropped 100 points in 48 minutes of work on March 2, 1962, as the Philadelphia Warriors defeated the New York Knicks by a final score of 169-147. In leading the Warriors to victory, Chamberlain broke his own single-game scoring record of 78 points set on Dec.

Who was the oldest NBA player to win MVP?

Karl Malone There he is again! Though Malone was the recipient of those patented Michael Jordan beatdowns in the finals, his consolation prize is making it to the end of this list and being recognized as the oldest NBA MVP at 35 years old.

Who is the oldest former NBA player alive?

10 Oldest NBA Players (Updated 2021)

  • Charles Jones (April 3, 1957 – Present) Oldest Age While Playing: 41 years, 30 days in 1998.
  • John Stockton (March 26, 1962 – Present)
  • Herb Williams (February 16, 1958 – Present)
  • Bob Cousy (August 9, 1928 – Present)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (April 16, 1947 – Present)

How old is Steph Curry?

33 years (March 14, 1988) Stephen Curry / Age

Can LeBron pass Karl Malone this season?

Provided James stays healthy — and that’s no safe bet after ankle and abdominal injuries have already cost him time this year — he could pass Malone for No. 2 on the scoring list by the end of the season. Around 20 points a game for the next 45 games would get that done.

Will LeBron pass Kareem in points?

LeBron James has scored more points than any player in NBA history. Officially Kareem still is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer because the NBA considers that a regular-season only record. However, at his current pace, LeBron should pass Kareem either late next season or in the first part of the 2023-24 season.1 day ago

Did LeBron pass Karl Malone in points?

That would be the career 36,000-point club, as James passed the threshold during a 132-123 Lakers win over the Houston Rockets. James, who turns 37 on Thursday, is now just over 900 points behind Malone for second all-time in NBA history and nearly 2,400 behind Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38,387.

How old is Westbrook?

33 years (November 12, 1988) Russell Westbrook / Age

How old is Harden?

32 years (August 26, 1989) James Harden / Age

Where does Vince Carter rank all time?

“The highest scorer in danger of missing the cut has to be Carter, whose 25,728 career points position him 19th, just ahead of Alex English (also left off the 50th anniversary list). Carter missed the playoffs in three All-Star seasons. He played in a single conference finals at age 33.

Who is the best 3 point shooter of all time?

Stephen Curry (2,977) has passed Ray Allen for the most threes in NBA history (2,973) after a 5-14 shooting performance against the New York Knicks, an incredible feat considering Steph is only 33 years old with plenty of time to continue adding to his incredible record.

Who holds the second most records in the NBA?


1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387
2. Karl Malone 36928
3. LeBron James 36500
4. Kobe Bryant 33643
5. Michael Jordan 32292

Who has the most steals in a NBA season?

Alvin Robertson Alvin Robertson holds the all-time records for total steals (301) and steals per game (3.67) in a season; achieved in the 1985–86 season. Among active players, Chris Paul had the highest season steal total (217) in the 2007–08 season and the highest season steal average (2.77) in the 2008–09 season.

How many chips did wilt win?

two NBA Although Chamberlain suffered a long string of NBA Finals losses during his career, he had a successful career, winning two NBA championships, earning four regular-season NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, the NBA Rookie of the Year award, one NBA Finals MVP award, and was selected to 13 NBA All-Star Game and ten

Who has the best plus-minus ever?

Larry Robinson has the highest career plus-minus, at +722. Not what you’re looking for?

What is BPM in NBA?

Box Plus/Minus, Version 2.0 (BPM) is a basketball box score-based metric that estimates a basketball player’s contribution to the team when that player is on the court.

What is LeBron James plus-minus?

LeBron James has a plus-minus of +7121 in his career.

What is the age of LeBron James?

37 years (December 30, 1984) LeBron James / Age

What’s Kevin Durant’s career-high?

Durant’s 51 fell just short of his career-high 54 points which he set against the Golden State Warriors in 2014 while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Who is the most famous basketball player?

1. Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player—and for good reason. “MJ” accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards.

Has a rookie won NBA MVP?

Only two rookies have won the award: Chamberlain in the 1959–60 season and Wes Unseld in the 1968–69 season. Curry in 2015–16 is the only player to have won the award unanimously.

How old is cp3?

36 years (May 6, 1985) Chris Paul / Age

How old was Kareem when he won his last title?

After leading the Bucks to its first NBA championship at age 24 in 1971, he took the Muslim name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Personal information
Listed weight 225 lb (102 kg)
Career information
High school Power Memorial (Manhattan, New York)
College UCLA (1966–1969)

Who was the first NBA player to dunk?

In 1944, Kurland and the Aggies were playing at Temple. When the ball fell under the basket Oklahoma A&M was attacking, Kurland picked it up, followed his instincts, and became the first player to dunk.

Who was the youngest player to enter the NBA?

Andrew Bynum The youngest player to ever play in the NBA was Andrew Bynum who played his first game at the age of 18 years and 6 days old. Bynum, who was also the youngest player ever selected in the NBA Draft, went into the NBA straight out of high school.

How long can you play in the NBA?

On average, an NBA player will play for about 4 years. The youngest players in the league are usually drafted at age 18 and they retire at age 24. Some of these players might stay playing in Europe or Asia after retiring from the NBA, but most end up going into coaching, broadcasting, or business careers.