Where is Mats Sundin now?

Sundin, who now makes his home in Stockholm, returned to Toronto with the Canucks in February 2009 and received a warm reception from fans at Air Canada Centre. Leafs defenceman Carl Gunnarsson estimates that Sundin is in the top-three favourite players in Sweden with Borje Salming and Peter Forsberg.

Why did Mats Sundin leave Toronto?

Sundin’s career was often spectacular, but his legacy is complicated. To this day, Maple Leaf fans can’t seem to agree on what he meant to the team. He owns several franchise scoring records, but was criticized for underachieving. He refused an opportunity to leave the team, but was accused of lacking loyalty.

Did Mats Sundin ever win a Stanley Cup?

Mats Sundin. He has been in the league longer than almost everybody in the NHL. When you think about it, it’s quite surprising that Mats has never won the Stanley Cup. But at the age of 37, Sundin is done playing around.

How tall was Mats Sundin?

6′ 5″ Mats Sundin / Height

When did Mats Sundin leave Toronto?

Sundin last played for the Vancouver Canucks in the 2008–09 season before announcing his retirement on 30 September 2009.

Mats Sundin
Shot Right
Played for Djurgårdens IF Quebec Nordiques Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks
National team Sweden
NHL Draft 1st overall, 1989 Quebec Nordiques

Did Adam Oates win a cup?

Adam Oates But, there’s no doubt as to his playmaking abilities. He was, without discussion, one of the greatest playmakers not only to not win a Cup, but of all time. His passing skills were only topped by one man, the great Wayne Gretzky. His 147 point campaign in 1993 with the Boston Bruins was his career best.

How good was Mats Sundin?

Though Sundin was a quiet leader, fans and members of the media alike will never forget what he did for hockey in Toronto. Scoring goals and winning games were great, but it was his inspiration and leadership that constantly made Leafs fans smile.

Who played with Mats Sundin?

*Mats Sundin – 1000 NHL career pts. Alexei Yashin – 611 NHL career pts. Jaromir Jagr – 1227 NHL career pts. Owen Nolan – 675 NHL career pts.

How old is Sundin?

51 years (February 13, 1971) Mats Sundin / Age

When was Mats Sundin drafted?

2008 Vancouver Canucks 1995 Toronto Maple Leafs 1994 Djurgårdens IF Hockey, Toronto Maple Leafs 1990 Quebec Nordiques 1988 Nacka HK Mats Sundin/Dates joined

Who is the best Swedish hockey player?

1. Nicklas Lidstrom. Awards: Olympic Gold, World Championship Gold, All-Rookie Team, 12-time All-Star, nine-time NHL First Team All-Star, two-time NHL Second Team All-Star, Triple Gold Club member, Conn Smythe Trophy, six Norris Trophies, four Stanley Cups.

Why did Quebec trade Mats Sundin?

Sundin had a public fight with then-coach Pierre Pagé. Sundin was sitting on the bench while Pagé was ripping into him. He was traded to the Leafs to acquire Wendel Clark and Sylvain Lefebvre. The Nordiques were desperate for Clark’s leadership.

When did Sundin join the Leafs?

2008 Vancouver Canucks 1995 Toronto Maple Leafs 1994 Djurgårdens IF Hockey, Toronto Maple Leafs 1990 Quebec Nordiques 1988 Nacka HK Mats Sundin/Dates joined

What does Sundin mean?

Sundin is a Swedish surname. The Svensk root/origin/translation: “sund” is a strait (body of water) + “in” is a more modern form of the Swedish tradition of latinization of surnames, meaning “descendant of” An earlier form of Sundin might have been “Sundius” or “Sundovius.”

Who ended Scott Stevens career?

Stevens retired with the most games played by an NHL defenceman (1,635 games), later passed by Chris Chelios. Stevens was also the youngest player in league history to reach 1,500 games played, playing in his 1,500th game at age 37 years, 346 days.

Where did Adam Oates go to college?

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Adam Oates / College

Where is Adam Oates now?

Since he’s stepped away from his coaching duties, Oates has been operating the Oates Sports Group, a boutique hockey agency whose mission is to “make players better.”

Who played with Tie Domi?

Known as an enforcer, he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets over a 16-year NHL career.

Tie Domi
Shot Right
Played for Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers Winnipeg Jets
NHL Draft 27th overall, 1988 Toronto Maple Leafs
Playing career 1989–2006

What number was Mats Sundin?

13 Mats Sundin / Number (Toronto Maple Leafs / Centerman)

How many goals did Joe Sakic have?

50 goals Over the course of his career, Sakic was one of the most productive forwards in the game, having twice scored 50 goals and earning at least 100 points in six different seasons.

Joe Sakic
National team Canada
NHL Draft 15th overall, 1987 Quebec Nordiques
Playing career 1988–2009

Who is Doug Gilmour married to?

m. ?–1993 Doug Gilmour/Spouse

How many wives has Doug Gilmour?

three times Gilmour has been married three times and has four children. His daughter Maddison (now married to hockey player Evan McGrath) is from his first marriage to Robyne Gilmour; sons Jake and Tyson from his second marriage to Amy Gilmour; and daughter Victoria with his current wife, Sonya Gilmour.

Who owns Kingston Frontenacs?

Doug Springer The club was sold to the Springer family of Kingston in June 1998, with Doug Springer becoming the owner and governor. The Frontenacs franchise has the second-longest championship drought in the OHL (to the Sudbury Wolves by one year), and the fourth-longest in the Canadian Hockey League.