Where did Cassie Campbell go?

Retirement from hockey Cassie Campbell retired from competitive hockey on August 30, 2006. She then joined Hockey Night in Canada as a rinkside reporter, becoming (on October 14, 2006) the first woman to do colour commentary on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

What does Cassie Campbell do now?

As of now, She Delivers guest radio work for Calgary Flames sports on the FAN 960. Cassie worked as a TV analyst for CTV’s 2010 Olympic women’s hockey coverage from Vancouver and was the first female to work on the NHL Network in Canada.

Does Cassie Campbell have a daughter?

Cassie is married to Brad Pascall, assistant general manager of the Calgary Flames. They welcomed daughter Brooke Violet in 2010.

Why is Cassie Campbell famous?

Cassie Campbell-Pascall is one of Canada’s most popular female athletes. She is the former Captain of the Canadian National Women’s Hockey team. In 2002, Cassie led her team to Canada’s first gold medal in hockey in 50 years. She was able to repeat her success in 2006 when she led the Canadian to another Olympic gold.

Where is Ron MacLean now?

MacLean moved to Rogers Media when it acquired “Hockey Night in Canada” rights in 2014. He was out of the host’s chair for two years, but returned in 2016 after the departure of George Stroumboulopoulos.

How old is Cassie Campbell-Pascall?

48 years (November 22, 1973) Cassie Campbell/Age

Is Cassie Campbell-Pascall leaving Sportsnet?

Campbell-Pascall has been with Sportsnet since 2013, and a source said while she’ll be joining ESPN it doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily be leaving Sportsnet entirely. She’s been working as a broadcaster since she retired as a player and joined Hockey Night in Canada in 2006.

When did Cassie Campbell play hockey?

Cassie Campbell was Canada’s longest-serving captain in the history of the Canadian National Women’s Team. Campbell made her debut on Olympic ice at Nagano 1998, which was also the first year that women’s ice hockey was offered as an official Olympic event.

Where is bieksa?

Bieksa and his wife, Katie, have two children, a son and daughter. The family resides in Newport Beach, California.

Who is the female broadcaster on Hockey Night in Canada?

Cassie Campbell-Pascall Canadian women’s hockey icon Cassie Campbell-Pascall works with the CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA broadcast team as a commentator, bringing more than 20 years of on-ice hockey experience.

How tall is Cassie Campbell?

5′ 7″ Cassie Campbell/Height

How many gold medals does Cassie Campbell have?

two Olympic gold medals A two-time Olympic champion and six-time World Champion, Cassie is the only Canadian team captain to lead her team to two Olympic gold medals.

What did Ron Mclean say?

In his statement, MacLean said the ‘tarp off’ comment was a reference to being shirtless, to specify the picture of the rum bottle. As for the quip about being ‘positive,’ MacLean said he meant testing positive for rum.

Is Ron MacLean married?

m. 1984 Ron MacLean/Spouse

Is Cassie Campbell off Hockey Night in Canada?

Cassie Campbell-Pascall will continue with her analyst duties with both Hockey Night In Canada and Sportsnet, while adding ESPN to her portfolio. “We go back a while,” said Campbell-Pascall.

Where is Casey Campbell now?

Well, you can add another way to remember Cassie Campbell-Pascall as she is joining ESPN for their coverage of the 2021-22 NHL season, the network announced today. The decorated hockey analyst will join a who’s who of NHL broadcasting talent when ESPN takes over coverage of the league next season.

Where was Cassie Campbell born?

Cassie Campbell/Place of birth

How long did Cassie Campbell play for team Canada?

Cassie Campbell was an alternate captain with Canada’s National Women’s Team from 1997-2001, receiving this honor just prior to her second World Championship appearance. Campbell led her team to Canada’s first Gold medal in hockey in 50 years, at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Who does Kevin Bieksa look like?

Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks. he looks like chris kline.

Who is in the picture behind Kevin Bieksa?

Ryan Kesler Eagle-eyed viewers saw that former Canuck Kevin Bieksa had a photo of one of his old teammates framed on his shelf behind him. It was Ryan Kesler in a state of undress from his photoshoot for ESPN magazine’s The Body Issue.

What nationality is Kevin Bieksa?

Canadian Kevin Bieksa/Nationality