What was Dhanraj Pillay called?

Abahani Ltd. Dhanraj Pillay Yadav (born 16 July 1968) is a retired Indian field hockey player and former captain of the Indian national team. He also looks after the Air India Sports Promotion Board as a Joint Secretary based in Mumbai.

How did Dhyan Singh became Dhyan Chand?

Dhyan Singh became Dhyan “Chand” because he practiced hockey under the moonlight. Dhyan Singh didn’t get much time to practice because of his army duties. He planned to practice the game during the night. Since the moon is known as ‘Chand’, therefore, he was started to be called as Dhyan Chand.

Who was Major Dhyan Chand’s first hockey coach?

Gupta was the first coach of the legendary Dhyan Chand. The latter’s actual name was Dhyan Singh. Gupta gave him the title of “Chand” or moon, and predicted that one day he would shine like a moon.

How did Dhyan Chand became Dhyan Chand?

Answer: The turning point in Dhyan Chand’s life came after he had joined the British Indian Army at a very tender age of sixteen. So, his fellow players started calling him Dhyan Chand. His coach predicted that he would one day shine like a moon. And the coach gave him the title of Chand, which means the moon.