What is Mike Modano doing now?

In 2019, Modano was hired by the Minnesota Wild to serve as an executive advisor in the front office.

How old is Modano’s wife?

Big Break’s Micheletti, 24, marries NHL star Modano Micheletti, 24, was born one year before Modano, 43, was drafted into the NHL. The happy couple is honeymooning on the Caribbean island of St.

How long did Mike Modano play for the Dallas Stars?

The Livonia, Mich., native played 20 seasons with the Dallas Stars franchise (1989-2010) before joining the Detroit Red Wings for the 2010-2011 season, his last in the NHL.

How many points did Mike Modano?

1,374 points With a professional career that spanned over 21 NHL seasons, Mike Modano is the league’s all-time goal-scoring and points leader among American-born players with 561 goals and 1,374 points.

How many games did Mike Modano play in the NHL?

1,499 Career

Season GP G
NHL Career 1,499 561

What high school did Mike Modano attend?

Benjamin Franklin High School Mike Modano / Education

Who is Modano caddy?

Allison Micheletti On his second, and final, shot (and since we’re talking about a hockey player), the assist goes to his wife and caddie, professional golfer and former Big Break contestant Allison Micheletti.

Where was Mike Modano born?

Livonia, MI Mike Modano / Place of birth

How long did Mike Modano play in the NHL?

21-season MIKE MODANO CAREER TOTALS | View Full Stats Modano had both style and substance during a 21-season NHL career highlighted by 561 goals and a Stanley Cup won with the Dallas Stars in 1999. He holds the records for NHL goals and points (1,374) by a United States-born player.

When did Mike Modano play for the Red Wings?

2010 Detroit Red Wings 1993 Dallas Stars Mike Modano/Dates joined

How old is Modano?

51 years (June 7, 1970) Mike Modano / Age

When did Mike Modano get drafted?

2010 Detroit Red Wings 1993 Dallas Stars Mike Modano/Dates joined

What did Babcock do to Mike Commodore?

For those of you who might be lost, in 2002, Commodore was cut by Babcock for being overweight while the two were in Anaheim, so when Babcock was released by the Leafs on Wednesday, the former NHLer took some jabs at his former coach.

What did Chelios say about Babcock?

During an interview with the Barstool Sports’ podcast “Spittin’ Chiclets,” Hockey Hall of Famer Chris Chelios said he witnessed Babcock “verbally assault” teammate Johan Franzen while they played together on the Detroit Red Wings.

Who did Babcock bench?

It turns out, Mike Babcock’s mental games were enough to crush the 40-year-old Modano near the end of the 2010-11 season.

Where does Mike Modano rank all time?

Mike Modano is not only one of the most iconic players in Dallas Stars history, he is one of the greatest American players in the history of the game. He is second amongst all American-born forwards in games played (1,499), and all American NHL players in goals (561), points (1,374), and playoff points (146).

Who is Brett Hull married to?

Darcie Schollmeyer Brett Hull / Spouse (m. 2006)