What did Tony Esposito died of?

What is Phil Esposito doing?

After retiring as a player, Esposito served as head coach and general manager of the New York Rangers before co-founding the Tampa Bay Lightning. He now serves as Tampa Bay’s radio colour commentator.

How many wins did Tony Esposito have?

423 wins Goalie Tony Esposito played 16 seasons for the Canadiens and Black Hawks. He had a record of 423 wins, 306 losses, and 152 ties in 886 games played. Esposito had a goals against average of 2.93 and a save percentage of . 906.

Did Tony Esposito pass away today?

“The Blackhawks and the National Hockey League have lost a legend in Tony Esposito, who passed away today after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer,” Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz said in a statement.

What Blackhawk player died today?

Jimmy Hayes Jimmy Hayes, the former Chicago Blackhawks winger, has died at age 31, the Hawks and Hayes’ alma mater, Boston College, announced Monday. The organizations didn’t specify the cause of death. The Hawks tweeted that Hayes’ “warm personality made an immediate impact in the locker room and with our fans.

Does Phil Esposito have children?

Carrie Esposito Selivanov Phil Esposito / Children

Who is Phil Esposito married to?

m. 1999 m. ?–1976 Phil Esposito/Spouse

Is Tony Esposito Italian?

Antonio Esposito (born 15 July 1950) is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician.

How old is Phil Esposito?

80 years (February 20, 1942) Phil Esposito / Age

Who owns Tampa Lightning?

Jeffrey N. Vinik Jeffrey N. Vinik (born March 22, 1959) is the current owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning and a minority owner of the Boston Red Sox. He served on the board of directors for Liverpool Football Club of the Premier League from 2010–2013.

Who was traded for Phil Esposito?

Bruins trade Phil Esposito to NYR 1962: Goalie Glenn Hall, making his 502nd consecutive start, has to leave the Chicago Blackhawks game against Boston in the first period because of a back injury. He’s replaced by Denis DeJordy and the Blackhawks tie the Bruins 3-3.

Where did Tony Esposito go to college?

Michigan Technological University Tony Esposito / College

What nationality is Tony Esposito?

American Canadian Tony Esposito/Nationality

Why are the Blackhawks wearing number 35?

The #Blackhawks will have No. 35 behind the net to honor Tony Esposito, who died Aug. 10 at age 78 from pancreatic cancer. Esposito played 15 of his 16 #NHL seasons with Chicago and was a three-time Vezina Trophy winner as the NHL’s best goalie.

Is Phil Esposito in the Hall of Fame?

Esposito, who is sixth in career goals (717) and 10th in points (1,590), was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1984.

How many Stanley Cups have the Blackhawks won?

six Stanley Cup titles The Blackhawks are part of the “Original Six,” the group of teams that made up the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1942 until the 1967 expansion. They have won six Stanley Cup titles.

Where is Derek Sanderson today?

He currently serves as an advisor for athletes in the Boston area. Renowned for his ability and willingness to play both ends of the ice, Sanderson was widely regarded to be among the premier penalty-killers in NHL history.

What nationality was Phil Esposito?

Canadian Phil Esposito / Nationality

Who did the Bruins trade for Esposito?

Blockbuster Deal with Hawks for Esposito The Bruins very reluctantly surrendered 22-year-old defenceman Gilles Marotte as the key player in a six-man transaction with the Chicago Black Hawks. Also going to Chicago was centre Pit Martin and minor league goalkeeper Jack Norris.

Where was Jovanovski born?

Windsor, Canada Ed Jovanovski / Place of birth