Is Manon Rheaume married?

How much is a Manon Rheaume rookie card worth?

Card Price
1993-94 Classic Pro Prospects Manon Rheaume #1 $0.99
Manon Rheaume 1993 Classic Hockey Draft Card Autographed Canadian Goalie #146 $15.80
1995 Classic Hockey Draft 95 Manon Rheaume Autograph 🎄MINT🎄TB Lightning🏒🏒🏒 $39.99

Why is Manon Rheaume important?

Manon Rhéaume (born February 24, 1972) is a retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender. An Olympic silver medalist, she achieved a number of historic firsts during her career, including becoming the first woman to play in any of the major North American pro-sports leagues.

How many brothers did Manon Rheaume have?

Manon Rhéaume was born to Nicole and “Lucky” Pierre Rhéaume. She has one older brother, Martin, and one younger, Pascal, who was a center for NHL’s New Jersey Devils.

How much is a Manon Rheaume?

Manon Rheaume Hockey Trading Card Values

1992 Classic Draft Picks #59 Manon Rheaume $0.26
1993 Classic Pro Prospects #100 Manon Rheaume $0.34
1993 Classic Pro Prospects BC #10 Manon Rheaume $2.03
1993 Classic Pro Prospects LP #1 Manon Rheaume $1.35
1993 Classic Pro Prospects Prototypes #PR2 Manon Rheaume $3.42

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

1992 Topps #362 Topps also released a “Topps Gold” version of this card, easily noted by the gold foil stamped nameplate at the bottom. They were not as common and in high grade can be worth around $1,500 or more in PSA 10 condition.

What sport did Manon Rhéaume play?

Hockey Shortly after the tournament, Rhéaume was signed to the Trois-Rivières Draveurs of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for the 1991–92 season, becoming the first woman to play major junior hockey in Canada.

How do you pronounce Rheaume?

There is a family here with this name, same spelling, and this is how they pronounce it. Record Name of Aaron.

Submitted from: Elk City, Oklahoma, USA
Pronunciation: “RAY”-yoom (yoom rhymes with “loom”)

When did Manon Rhéaume retire?

2009 Manon Rhéaume/Career end

Who was the first female in the NHL?

Manon Rhéaume Manon Rhéaume became the first woman to play in the NHL as goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in an exhibition game.

Are Michael Jordan cards worth money?

As you can see, even in ungraded condition, Exquisite Collection Jordan’s can sell for big bucks. This example, numbered 4 of 10 from their 2009 offering, sold for an incredible $65,655. It’s amazing to me that cards such as this, produced long after Jordan’s playing days were over can still be worth so much.

How much is a Deion Sanders rookie card worth?

How Much Is a Deion Sanders Rookie Card Worth? Most Deion Sanders rookie cards will cost anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the condition of the card.

What is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

PSA says it has graded 18,859 Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer rookies (Card No. 57). There are 312 graded at 10, which are now selling for $40,000 to $50,000. Michael Jordan Rookie Card Milestones: PSA 9.

Year Amount
2018 $5,000
2019 $5,000
2019 $6,000
2020 $8,000

What is a Mario Lemieux rookie card worth?

Mario Lemieux is one of the greatest players of all-time, and his 1985 Topps rookie card is worth over $14,000 at a high grade.

How much is a Brett Hull rookie card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price PSA Price
GEM – MT 10 $2,938.88 $1,000.00
MINT 9 $205.00 $200.00
NM – MT 8 $84.00 $40.00
NM 7 $28.23

Who is the most decorated female hockey player?

Hayley Wickenheiser She is tied with teammates Caroline Ouellette and Jayna Hefford for the record for the most gold medals of any Canadian Olympian, and is widely considered to be the greatest female ice hockey player of all time.

Hayley Wickenheiser
National team Canada
Playing career 1993–2017
Website Official site