How old is Kendall Coyne Schofield?

29 years (May 25, 1992) Kendall Coyne / Age

Who is Kendall Coyne married to?

Michael Schofield Kendall Coyne / Spouse

How old is Hilary Knight?

32 years (July 12, 1989) Hilary Knight / Age

When did Kendall Coyne get married?

Schofield married the football player, 31, in 2018, but they actually met years prior while attending the same high school. The same year of their wedding, the hockey player won gold with the women’s national team at the Pyeongchang Winter Games.

Where did Hilary Knight go to high school?

2007–2012 Hilary Knight/Education

Why is Hilary Knight important?

Hilary Knight is changing the scene for female athletes across all sports, making history as the first female skater (non-goalie) to practice with the NHL. In her rookie season playing for the Boston Blades in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, Hilary became the first American-born player to win the MVP award.